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Families today are faced with so many complex issues, they seldom find the time to sit down and work things out. For couples, it may be quality couple time, parenting styles or financial issues. For parents, it may range from everyday issues like homework, screen time and curfew to more challenging issues like ADHD, children experimenting with drugs or alcohol, sexual identity or self-harm. Joyce helps healthy families who are struggling to make difficult decisions.

Joyce works with families using the Circle process - a process which gives each family member, child or adult, an equal voice. The Circle is a process that fosters respect, listening and consensus about a good way forward. When family members have participated in crafting a solution, they are far more likely to follow through and implement it.

The circle process is a tool that the family can use on its own after a few sessions with Joyce. By learning and practicing these skills, couples have a better chance of succeeding in their relationship, and families have a better chance of creating a peaceful home. To learn more about the Circle process, click on that page and read the stories of families she has worked with.


The Circle Process is an ancient conflict resolution method that brings people together based on shared values of respect, honesty and empathy. It enables a group to struggle through their conflict and create their own solutions through consensus. A trained Circle Facilitator upholds the principle that every person in the Circle is valued, supported and safe.

She became Peacebuilders Lead Trainer in 2008 and has trained over 100 Circle facilitators. She also offers private training for Family Circle Facilitators on a regular basis.

Circle Facilitation Training is available through Peacebuilders. Click on Circle Training for upcoming courses.

We provide trained and experienced Circle Facilitators to help workplace teams create clear roles and goals and resolve conflicts. We also work with families and extended families to resolve parenting issues and make important decisions about the children's education and medical care.


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